The new Jos collection with models like: J430 DOdoubleBRIDGE J400 boldeye J360 WomanEYElike J350 4your2eyes J.320 whentheladysees J194canUCme? J270 JOSagainsttheSUN1 J271 JOSagainsttheSUN2

How do you define a creative process? How do you define a mind that is full of energy and hard to understand? These are the things you think about when you see and hear Jos. Maybe you don’t need to explain it because you see it in his passion and the attention to detail Jos has in making his frames.

Each frame comes with a name. Hiding behind the name is a story that reflects some of Jos’ thoughts. It’s those stories and thoughts that make the frame what they are. Out of the Box, authentic and unique. Jos is equipped with only a creative mind and some paper, he is a real artist at work.

The current collection of 2023/2024 contains more than 25 models in 3 or 4 colors, have a look!